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ACN vs Ambit Energy

Are You Considering Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is a fine legitimate network marketing company. If you're looking for a company that has limited services to offer in limited areas, this company will suit your needs.


But in network marketing or a home-based business, the formula for success is getting the numbers of people in your favor. When you limit yourself to a company that is either operating in limited areas or has a limited service/product line it reduces the amount of people that would be or could be interested in what you offer as a business or service.


I've see some representatives from other companies online that have spent countless hours creating websites that give you slighted examples of why they think their company is better in some way to ACN. I find it flattering that they feel compelled to compare themselves to us. What I have found is that when people start comparing themselves to you, you're probably with the best company. I've never felt the need to compare ACN to any other because I believe the facts of our company speak for themselves.


I could spend time here showing you why our compensation plan is better than others or offers you advantages over the others, but the truth is, what everyone should be looking for in a network marketing company is financial stability, a broad range of services to meet the needs of the masses, a high profile endorser that shows the company in a positive light, and in addition the company should be constantly expanding into other areas and service lines. The old saying 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' applies in our industry. Expansion by a company shows you they are investing more and more into their company and creating an opportunity for you to have a world wide business with the masses.


Let me give you an example: If our company only offered wireless service, that would be a pretty good service to build a business with, right? But what about those naysayers out there that don't want to change or don't know your company well enough to be a customer of yours? You have just limited your business potential. What if you were looking at a nutritional company that has the best supplement in the world. That would still only appeal to the person who is willing to take supplements or even believes your supplement is the best. Below I have provided some basic information about both companies for you to browse over.


ACN pays you a monthly residual income on people's monthly household bills. Ranging from cell phones, gas, electricity, satellite TV, home phone, home security, internet, computer maintenance and our own technology, the video phone.


I will let you decide which company looks like the right one for you. Please feel free to contact me by clicking here to get your questions answered. Let's see if ACN is the right fit for you.



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Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer's Soul, Shane Douglas ACN


Shane Douglas, ACN Senior Vice President

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